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On the Whitekirk Golf and Country club website and golf blog you will get to be informed about interesting details about golf. The knowledge you have amass about golf sports from this platform cannot be measured; from the background details about golf and playing golf, to playing the casino golf slots. Kirk White’s golf blog also gives you details as regards golf course within the USA, easily accessible and readily available for use.

How I Started to Play Golf

Being sedentary (white collar job) worker, I realized that I was fast becoming fatter and this became a growing concern for me. I recall some of my several visits to the doctor for routine checkups and he would always advise me to take time out to involve in body exercise, walk outs, jogging or even golfing.

From the array of options, I had, I decided to take time out every morning for aerobic exercises while I go golfing in the evenings after work. I didn’t just delve into golfing, I made sure I got the necessary golfing tips that I needed to become an expert at playing this unique sport. I got most of my information from a golf blog.

With my health as a concern, I needed no other motivation to keep pressing to become the best at playing golf; just like the other excellent golf players I have seen listed on various golf blog.

It wasn’t up to 3 months of sticking to this routine that my body size and weight became normal and my health no longer endangered. But, amazingly, I had already fallen in love so much with this sport that I do not see myself stopping my daily routine of golfing.


The British Golf Open (in English: The Open Championship ) is the oldest major men’s golf tournament. It is held every year since 1860 in

Golf History

Although determining the origin of this sport is not an easy task, we will immerse ourselves in the history of golf to understand, a little

My Passion for Golf

My passion for this sport was born from a very young age, and since then, I had made it clear that golf was going to

World’s Top Players

Golf is one of the most iconic sports of all. In this article, we will explore the success of the greatest golfers. Emphasizing those who

Major Golf Leagues

The significant men’s golf competitions, normally called Major Champions, and commonly referred to just as majors, are the four unique yearly expert golf events. In

Beginners Tips

Talking about golf is making it a sport where precision, concentration, and coordination are essential. Starting this sport at first can be a bit disconcerting

Top 10 Players Today

Here is a list of the top 10 players today according to golf blogs and sites:

  • Brooks Koepka
  • Rory Mcllroy
  • John Rahm
  • Dustin Johnson
  • Justin Thomas
  • Patrick Cantlay
  • Tiger Woods
  • Justin Rose
  • Xander Schaufeli
  • Tommy Fleetwood

Knowing these top 10 Golf players is a knowledge you can leverage upon. With this knowledge you can place accurate bets on the best golf player. Placing bets on golf and golf players falls under the umbrella of sports betting.

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Golf Courses in USA

There are a couple of golf courses in USA some of them include:

Pebble beach gulf

Pinehurst resort

TPC saw grass

Whistling straits

White Kirk golf course

This shows that there are many places you can go to play golf. Golf course come in variety of design, sizes and outlook, the choice of which ever one you pick is exclusively yours.

However, without mincing words, white Kirk golf course is one of the best golf courses you would ever find yourself playing golf. From the aesthetics, to the terrain of the land an all other utilities within the facility, this golf course has something to offer to all categories of golf players. Whatever your preference of a golf course is, the Whitekirk golf course site got you covered.

Other Golf Sites

Interestingly, there are other golf blog sites where you can get information about golf and control club. Indeed, a golf blog isn’t so difficult to get. Just make sure the site has good reviews and it is a notable golf blog.